Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The One Good Watch: Omega Seamaster Professional 2541.80

As I said in my last post over here that every man should have one good item of everything. I now bring you the One Good Watch. This is where I bring you short pictorials on that significant timepiece which I believe every man should have. Or aim to have. Or had.

This is an Omega Seamaster Professional Quartz divers watch circa 2001 which I currently own and cherish. It looks pretty good, large enough yet due to the bracelet dressy enough for most occasions including those pretty formal functions (although a leather strap dress watch is better but this would do). The way is looks and its heritage (its an Omega, enough said!) is why one should get a proper timepiece instead of one of those fashion or knock-off watches. It looks good, is durable 300m with a helium gas release valve for those people who end up doing deep sea dives (which I obviously do not)-

I've stuck my hands into dirty, greasy engines while wearing it on my wrist, gone swimming and lots more sweaty stuff with it. It has a few dings and knocks, but that adds character I think. Somehow doing menial chores while wearing a proper timepiece does wonders to your self esteem.

Oh yes.The Omega Seamaster Professional 300m 2541.80 (its model number) may be a quartz, but heck, its the watch James Bond used in Goldeneye (1995). And one needs a little bit of quartz accuracy and a break from winding watches all the time. This watch has basically been in production since the mid-1990s and the latest quartz variant is basically unchanged with some cosmetic accents on the dial and a slightly different caseback pattern. The thing about investing in a proper timepiece is that there are always parts for it even after ten years. Thus It deserves to be in the list of the One Good Watch.

Of course, there is the One Good Watch for formal occassions, the One Good Watch for driving, for diving, for timing a boiled egg. The list is endless............

Friday, 8 July 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Bit Of Colour To Brighten Things Up

It is actually quite dull to just wear black colored socks...with black colored shoes and with most Malaysian men, black colored pants. There are more colors out there and black colored pants should be kept for black tie functions, funerals, weddings and other formal occasion. But things should be brighter.

And EVEN IF you wear black pants, which I never do these days, you can brighten things up with a blue pair of socks. It goes extremely well with grey pants/slacks and that pair of black perforated cap toe oxfords. It also brightens up the footwell of your car.

Oh. By the way, welcome to this new blog, people. 


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