Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How good things last - 1970s Sterling Silver Parker 75

This has been with me for about 15 years or so. A circa 1970s Parker 75 fountain pen with a 14k gold nib, cover and body made out of Sterling Silver with a cross hatched square grid pattern (called the CicelĂ©) and can be used with the usual Parker cartridge for ink. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Useful Little Bag

This was a present from my better half. It was bought on one of our trips to Singapore. Marked 'Vera Pelle Made In Italy' on the outside. It is a generic Italian made leather bag that you could buy (read, affordable). But one that still allows me to carry my stuff whilst I run around doing my errands with a bit of style. I have another bag, a messenger bag but this has now become my favourite due to its looks and practicality. 

It has two zippered compartments that can fit A4 sized folders (a little snugly), two pouches - one that can fit a smartphone and another, that could fit larger stuff and leather straps that allow you to strap on today's newspaper or a collapsible/folding umbrella like in the photo above. The bag allows me to carry everything I need and keep my hands, and head free (hats come in handy on certain other occasion like at the beach, or watching some outdoor stuff when I don't need to carry documents and stuff with me). The good thing about a bag is that it keeps the brolly outside the bag away from any documents I am carrying unlike the messenger bag where I have to put the brolly inside it. Important when it stops raining after I use it as it stays outside the bag and I don't have to carry it


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