Sunday, 31 August 2014

Happy Merdeka Day - Tales of motoring since '57 and some advice to all Malaysians

This was posted over at I have deciced to post it over here too!

Happy Merdeka Day. That's Happy Independence Day to those that do not understand Malay. Malaysia celebrates fifty seven years of independence today, well, with the small note that Sabah and Sarawak joined us a few years later in 1963. Anyway, the ride from 1957 to 2014 has been exciting hasn't it?

Friday, 29 August 2014

Boat Shoes - Flip-flops for the Gentleman

The thing about flip-flops, open toed sandals (slippers as most in Malaysia call 'em) is that they do not offer very good protection for one's feet with the exception of the sole. Flip-flops also offer almost no support and its soft sole could cause over-pronation or the overuse of tendons in the feet . Anyway, It isn't that I don't use flip-flops. I do use them in the bathroom, toilet and at the beach. I use them for really short distances. But if I am outdoors, in the garden or out to the neighbourhood sundry stores I wear either one of my moccassin loafers or my boat shoes. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The pocket square dilemma. To use or not to use.

You do not use it actually. A pocket square is usually a fancy name for a silk, linen or cotton handkerchief that basically sits in the left breast pocket of your blazer, sports jacket or suit. I suppose that handkerchief's main purpose is to accessorize a blazer, jacket or suit jacket. Somewhat like a lapel pin or a  boutonniere which accessorizes  the lapel, this does it for the breast pocket. But this is actually more important than one that sits on the lapel. I'll get to explaining that later.

Anyway, the pocket square is a handkerchief that sits in that top pocket. Do you actually take it out and use it? You could. But then if you've folded it nicely and you like the way it sits it would be wise if you actually carried another hanky that you could use. Like I do.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Why do we dress up....

..or more specifically, why do I dress up these days?

I don't really need to as my work these days are rarely about corporate board meetings or trying to impress bankers or government servants. And one has to note that here in Malaysia the office attire is business casual. I.e. a long sleeved shirt and a pair of trousers with or without a necktie depending on how conservative your office is. Occasionally the senior management would be seen with a blazer or a suit jacket (that almost never is used with the suit). Aside from that, you could come in short sleeve shirts and khakis for all the management cares as long as you come to work.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Ultra warm weather formal day wear in Malaysia - the Batik Shirt

When the temperature outdoors reaches a sweltering 38degrees Celsius even an unlined blazer should be kept in the closet. Furthermore, this is Malaysia, a really humid tropical country where blazers and jackets are not even required in a formal or a business environment. What could be used when attending weddings and other formal functions is the simple long sleeved batik print shirt. Like other warm climate countries, such as Indonesia, South Africa and even a state like Hawaii, printed shirts are considered as formal wear.


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