Friday, 21 July 2017

Timepieces/Watches: RED ARMY WATCHES' Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

Friendship Day. This is another Hallmark Cards creation to boost their sales. Much like that Mother's Day, Father's Day, Uncle's Day, Groundhog Day or Sit at Home and Sleep Day cards that we all buy. Some of these cards I made up but you get the point. But it is about sharing a greeting to someone. So friendship day, usually celebrated on the first sunday of August is a time where one can gift a friend something nice - watch retailer Red Army Watches supposedly have a few timepieces or watches for that thought.

One can give a watch to a friend on Friendship Day, but beware, if your friend is someone that you're interested in, then you're gonna put yourself in the 'Friendzone'. 

Read more about it below courtesy of Red Army Watches:

Expressing affection with the gift of a timepiece on Friendship Day.

Friendships are one of the most special relationships we have in life. True companionship during good times and support in difficult times is one to be treasured. Friendship Day, held on the first Sunday of August, honours the bond between friends. For many, a gift from a friend is a wish for happiness. This Friendship Day, give a cherished friend the gift of happiness with a timepiece that matches their qualities.

TACS Day and Night is the ideal gift for the wise mentor in your life, a friend who inspires us to be a better person yet still appreciate our qualities. With only one hand that points to the hour, Day and Night is packed with Ronda 24 hour movement. The hour hand runs slower and time runs slower, a fitting reminder for a loved friend, man or woman, to take it slow and enjoy life’s special moments.

The ultimate timepiece for the male friend who has an appetite for all things deep and intellectual, the REC Mark 1 M2 is inspired by the classic elliptical dashboard of the Mark I & II Minis. The dials of this watch are made directly from salvaged chassis parts from the iconic car, with the centre placement on the dashboard rumoured to be designed so that the co-driver can easily keep an eye on the road during rally races.

Whether we admit it or not, we all need friends who will not hesitate to tell you to get your act together. The Poljot International Jubilee celebrates 25 years of tradition, craftsmanship and dedication to watchmaking - a perfect for a friend who has invested years of sincere friendship. A watch for men and women, the entire dial is open worked, showcasing the intricate hand engraved bridge; with a Swarovski crystal applied at 12 o’clock, and 4 applied arrow indexes indicating the hour intervals.

For the fearless friend who thrives on adventure, the Sturmanskie Stingray is a timepiece that depicts a piece of Soviet watch making history. The evolved dive timepiece meets the rigours of the modern day demands – just like the friend who introduces us to his new ideas, cultures, philosophies and activities. The most distinctive features of the Stingray are the crown guard and the oversized protective screw cap, an unconventional design for the exceptional friend.

Perfect for the loyal best friend who knows your deepest and darkest secret, but loves you all the same, the petite Corniche Women Heritage 36 not only has the classic looks, but combines classic details with a completely revamped yellow gold case. With a sleek and elegant watch, the redesigned curved lugs offer the perfect fit with a snug black leather strap.Brand new pointed hour markets and delicate dauphine hands ensure the perfect proportions and make it the perfect dress – or beach watch.

Whether you have a cheerleader in your life, the intellectual buddy, adventurous pal or loyal friend, Friendship Day is the best time to express your appreciation of friendship with timepieces from Red Army Watches.

All five watches are available at all Red Army Watches (Tropicana City Mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Plaza Gurney and – Gatewaymall @ KLIA2).

For more info, visit:

Thursday, 13 July 2017


GALERI PETRONAS today launched MANIFEST: Modernism of Merdeka, an exhibition to showcase how Malaysian architecture had shaped the transformation of the nation during its pre- and post-independence period of 1950s and 1960s.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Bags: Of Thrifting at the Local Thrift/Bundle Stores & the LL Bean weekend duffle bag I recently bought

Thrifting at the thrift shops or what they call 'Kedai Bundle' here in Malaysia is actually one of the best ways to procure hard to find clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories. Now 'kedai' means shop, and bundle is from the bundles where used clothes are bundled together and then sold at stores like this, giving new life to used items. I have to admit that I occasionally frequent these stores from time to time. It is usually when I am on the look out for something unique or hard to find here in Malaysia. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Watches: OMEGA unveils the new Seamaster Diver 300M “Commander’s Watch” Limited Edition - Inspired by James Bond

OMEGA has a new limited edition Seamaster Professional out. The new timepiece is inspired by that fictional super spy James Bond and takes after Commander Bond’s rank and regalia. OMEGA has named it the "Commander’s Watch". The timepiece salutes the ensign colours of the British Royal Navy, with touches of white, blue and red found throughout the watch. 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Trunk Shows: John Lobb By Request Fair - Kuala Lumpur 29th & 30th July 2017

WJ & Co. over at the Bangsar Shopping Centre have announced that they will be hosting John Lobb for their inaugural By Request Fair on the 29th and 30th of July 2017. The By Request service offers interested folks the freedom to create their own unique pair of John Lobb handmade shoes or boots, specific to their personal style.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Timepieces: The new Bell & Ross BR03-94 AeroGT Orange - Limited to 500 pieces and is motoring inspired

Bell & Ross would like to introduce their newest timepiece to be launched in Malaysia: the BR03-94 AeroGT Orange. This is a limited edition of 500 pieces that enhances their focus on the motoring world. Especially fast cars. This BR03-94 AeroGT Orange follows the avant garde AeroGT concept launched last year. It is basically a new orange version with chronograph function and date rather than just the time.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Boots for the Jungle - Malaysian Army Boots manufactured circa 2011

Usually when we talk about menswear it is about trying to dress with a semblance of style for any occasion. This would also include how to dress well in harsh climates. Of course, since this is a blog about A Malaysian Man, mainly Yours Truly, it is about dressing appropriately well in the tropics and the tropics is a place where it is hot, humid and wet most of the time. This is especially so in the Malaysian jungle.


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