Sunday, 25 October 2015

Of handsewn buttons and pickstitching everywhere ... Only Novelty?

In my previous post I talked about sewing or stitching crows foot buttons on my polo shirts. Or any of my shirt for that matter. If you know how to sew a little this, and pick stitching could be done by oneself. So personally if one has the skill, it is possible to change or embellish any of your clothing with supposedly hand sewn details that most who market this stuff like to hype about and make it a super big issue.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fruit of the Loom Polo Shirt Gets A Little More Luxury

I was reading through the Malaysian equivalent of The Style Forum (which is called - Kerbau means buffalo so go figure) and there was this chap who has come up with the most luxurious polo shirt ever made. I think it may be so with crow's foot hand stitched buttons, silky smooth cotton pique material and pick stitching on the shoulder seams and armholes. Even my Brioni Polo Shirts aren't that luxurious. 

Saturday, 17 October 2015

More Safari Jacket .....

It was a cloudy and it was still a hazy afternoon today. Temperatures weren't that bad (about 32deg Celsius) with humidity not as ridiculous as it usually is (which is usually over 75%) and wearing a jacket wasn't one of those slightly sweaty experiences out of the shade. So I wore another one of my safari jackets when I was out shopping with the wife and kid.

Somehow this made perfect sense as I could carry my smartphone, a small powerbank for it, my cardholder, my wallet without any unsightly bulges anywhere. This safari jacket is a ready to wear item from British India (a Malaysian company that has been around for awhile). It has its sleeves altered in length as well as its width. I had the buttons changed from a dull cream colour, which was too similiar in colour to the cotton poplin cloth used for the jacket. 

Saturday, 10 October 2015

A well dressed Malaysian - Tun Abdul Razak

Meeting the chap who invented the Mao Jacket 

Foldable or telescopic umbrella - The easy to carry around brolly

Sorry about the dusty car boot - it's the haze here in Malaysia I tell you. And I was in a hurry. 

Unlike places like Hong Kong or even Singapore, there aren't stores that fully cater to a man's need for accessories. Try finding a bow tie that isn't the ready tied ones and see. You have to order online or hunt for it. You will find one at Hackett another at Brooks Brothers and maybe at some of the older tailoring establishments. No one stop haberdashery to go to for all of one's needs.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

My latest travel jacket - Linen Safari Jacket made in Hua Hin, Thailand

I do apologise for not updating in here more often but I have been busy with other stuff. Business meetings, automotive events, trying out all sorts of vehicles including trucks and buses and other leisure stuff. But today I've decided to wrtie a little about something I got made in Thailand on a recent trip over there.

Most of you would know that Thailand is one happening place to be. It has everything that you think you want (and more). It is also infamous for cheap and ridiculously quick tailoring. I have one or two experiences and can offer you a tip or two. The main tip that you need to follow is that there is no such thing as commissioning a proper suit if you have less than a week. Follow this and you will save some money. You could give them a jacket to follow but if you're looking for bespoke stuff, I'd suggest you don't. 

A short sleeve shirt collared polo shirt on the inside


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