Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Malaysian Men Style Faux Pas #1 - Suit / blazer button rules

Taken from Wikipedia:
A faux pas (/ˌfoʊˈpɑː/ plural: faux pas /ˌfoʊˈpɑːz/) is a socially awkward or tactless act, especially one that violates accepted social norms, standard customs, or the rules of etiquette.

The expression faux pas comes from French, where it means "false step", "misstep" (in a physical as well as a figurative sense). It has been used in English for over 300 years.Synonyms in English include gaffe and (social) blunder.

Two buttons ONLY on a paddock cut suit jacket

I have been to many events where Emcees, celebrities, guests and other people use too many buttons on their single breasted jacket (will talk about double breasted jackets later). The most common is buttoning the lowest button on one's suit jacket or blazer. I have seen so many. Too many in fact.  This is a no-no. Unless you are wearing a 1920s style paddock coat where, if it were a two button jacket, both buttons are way above the waist, place closed together and where the cloth then falls away AFTER the button, not after the top button (note photo above). I doubt most This graphic from realmenrealstyle.com at the top of this posting easily tells you which button to use.

And of course, it is also proper that the jacket stays buttoned when you are standing, walking (I doubt people would care or you would care if you were running). Unbutton the jacket when you are seated so that you are more comfortable.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Repaired Ferragamo shoes, Ferragamo lines explained and on shoe repair in KL

I've just got back my pair of Ferragamo penny loafers from the cobbler located at the Ikano Power Centre in Mutiara Damansara. The shoes are the usual stuck on/ glued constructed type with the rubber/p.u composite  that Ferragamo makes a ton of money selling. I say makes tons of money as they will eventually crack after some years. I got these in 2008 I think (too many shoes...I don't remember exactly) and sometime in October 2014 the soles cracked. Still a good seven or so years before they did so.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

First post here of 2015. I am on Instagram and a tip from a post there.

Hello Folks. I have not been posting in here consistantly as many of you would have liked. Well, I do have other pursuits and ventures that need my attention and unfortunately, I have not managed to update what I do in here. But nevertheless, here I am after a long while.

This first posting of 2015 is to inform you that I am very much active on the internet. Those that follow my automotive website - motoring-malaysia.blogspot.com will know that I have started posting there again. If you are interested in what indulgences I have been pursuing and some tips and tricks, you can follow me on Instagram @rigvalreza. 

I post there regularly these days on what I have been indulging in as well as tips and tricks too. One of it is the tip I am also sharing with you readers here (photo above)- 

"Clothes need regular maintainence. A scissors and some time are required to keep your garments from loose thread sticking out from 'em. Even these pair of trousers by #brioni#clothing#mensfashion #mensstyle #trousers#clothesmaintenance#italian #sartorial #brioni #tailoring #style #luxury #pants #madeinitaly #brionireadytowear"


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