Thursday, 13 October 2011

More Colour Down Below - Blue Shoelaces on Black Shoes

One of the reasons why I prefer shoes with laces instead of wearing slip ons to work is that they make you look prim and proper. Slip ons are good for casual fridays, and weekends, or when you're not wearing your best dress shirt with those expensive cufflinks, nice knitted tie and that good pair of pants.

And who says using shoes that need tying are boring? They've got the most patterns and styles. Take for example the brogues, they're the most 'flowery' of all shoes out there. If they were in chocolate brown, they're delightfully tasty.

But what if you have a very simple plain toe bluchers (bluchers or derby shoes are those with open lacing instead of the more formal balmorals) ?  You can play around with some coloured laces. I've done them here and most of the time no one will notice it, except the wearer himself. It's a sartorial twist that only the wearer will appreciate.

People may notice those green socks though.


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