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Amalaysianman.blogspot.com was launched in 2011 with the aim of recording one's personal quest for the ultimate in stylish and appropriate warm weather clothing as well as other gadgetry occasionally. 

The site was founded and maintained by Mohamed Rigval Reza, who has been around the blogosphere and the automotive journalism industry for a while. Whilst primarily writing about automobiles over at his other site, the award winning motoring-malaysia.blogspot.com. Here, he indulges in his personal whims and fancies on menswear and how one should (try to) dress extremely well in the tropics.

Here you will find articles about clothes, shoes, male accessories and other stuff related to menswear as well as the all important aspect of trying to dress well in the hot and humid tropical climate of Malaysia. There will always be a mix of most things from basic ready to wear, tailoring to luxury items as we experiment and experience along the way.

Most of the clothing, accessories, shoes and other stuff are actually bought and/or owned by the author or the experience observing the products at the boutiques or from the web. Retailers and other tradesmen are welcomed to send in their products for a review. 

But there will not be any favours made whatsoever. 

If the product is good according to the author, it will be reviewed as such. If it isn't, it would be reviewed as such. There would be no quarter given and no quarter asked. This is not about monetary gain, but a place to record and share the findings about all the finer things in life. 

You can find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/amalaysianman and on INSTAGRAM - @rigvalreza - here you'll find a lot of posts too on clothing, shoes, cars using the hashtag #amalaysianman .

So welcome, and do join us on our journey.

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