Thursday, 21 February 2013

Proper 'Function Shoes' And How to Dress it up even further

What you see in the picture above is a pair of Loake Lifestyle Patent Leather plain toe balmorals (or oxfords). I bought this pair at PLAL's sometime last year to replace the pair of plain toe black calf leather shoes that were my official function shoes (see the photo below - Batik shirt, black trousers, red shoelaces - I wanted to add more colour down below).

The shoes are by Loake and from the Lifestyle series. It is patent leather and like most 'function shoes' are glued or stuck on in manufacture. This is so that the wearer cuts a slim (even if he is chubby) and elegant profile. Now I could have gotten a pair of Church's or some other higher priced brand, but this is a function shoe and a function shoe is usually made out of shiny, glossy patent leather. Patent leather is usually leather that has been treated (or painted) until is glossy and shines. It is plasticky and one does not need to pay a heap of cash for such a shoe. Hence, a Loake would suffice.

Now if you look at the photograph properly you will notice that the shoe laces have been changed from the usual stringy laces to silk ribbon laces. This is what one should do to your 'black tie' event shoes as it takes you one step closer to those patent leather pumps which usually come with a bow on top (which actually look like a pair of shoes that wouldn't look out of place if your wife wore them) but one that wouldn't make those who aren't willing to go that extra step. The ribbon laces makes the shoe even more dressier and more suited to formal occasions. No. Not girly. Trust me.

Actually, in this region, this would be considered as extreme as most men end up wearing the same shoes they go to work with for the dinner functions.

This is now the pair of shoes that I will wear to those dinner functions. I actually do not attend many functions as I am no socialite or party goer. But a gentleman should be prepared when such an event may arise.

So many shoes, only two feet

 (Top, Left - Right - Campanile 4 eyelet blucher, Salvatore Ferragamo L.Originale Fringe Monk Straps, Morandi 4 eyelet blucher. Bottom, Left-Right Loake Lifestyle Patent Leather plain toe balmoral, StefanoBi Brogue, Kulitkraf Black Brogue)

I haven't worn these yet.

The Seiko "Fifty Five Fathoms"

Before I carry on, I have to state that the Fifty Five Fathoms isn't an actual Seiko model. This watch is actually a Seiko 5 100m Sports 'diver' model SNZH57/55/53K1 (the 57,55, 53 is actually the watch with either a black, blue or some other color dial, hands and bezel combination). The Fifty Five Fathoms moniker is derived from the fact that it looks like a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diver's watch. The SNZH comes with a 23 jewel non-hackable, i.e non-winding, automatic movement with a see-through case back so that you can admire the cheap, unadorned, unfinished movement. Hey, it isn't a RM36,000 original Blancpain. So what do you expect.


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