Friday, 18 January 2013

Shoes for Casual Friday and an Argument for Glued Shoes

It’s a Friday and it’s the end of the work-week. In those days it did not make much of a difference when it came to work attire. People still dressed up like they usually do with their normal office attire; here in Malaysia usually a pair of dark coloured trousers and a light coloured long sleeved shirt. The shoes, which is something that most Malaysians do not care a whole lot about are the usual pair of black slip-ons or if they are not lazy, a pair of laceups made by Bata and shoes of the similar kind.

Since the 1990s however things have suddenly changed throughout the world. With the advent of companies like Microsoft, Apple and other technological based companies which were started and run by college grads (or dropouts) things became more casual. And casual Fridays were invented so that employees could feel less stuffy and more at ease in their work surroundings.

I too have casual Fridays. But while my work environment allows me to dress casually every day of the week I choose to wear ‘business-like’ most of the time. Even down to the shoes. Which may be dark brown, chocolate brown or chestnut brown laceups, monk straps, double monk straps or tasseled loafers at the very least. Except on Fridays.

Casual Fridays is when I do wear an even more relaxed pair of leather shoes. This means one that shoes that have a more relaxed air to it. One that shoes more ankle and a plain upper devoid of any decoration. I usually choose a pair of penny loafers (in brown/burgundy/tan) or this pair of Venetian loafers. Black is a very formal colour which I refuse to wear with the exception for funerals and formal functions. Of course, the young gentlemen beside me, a musician by profession, can afford an even more casual Friday by wearing a pair of converse basketball shoes.

This pair of Italian made loafers that I chose to wear today are from an Italian shoe company called Morandi. This Italian brand has been sold in and around Malaysia over the past few decades as I have seen them being sold since the late 1990s in Kuala Lumpur and you can still get this brand at the Tangs Departmental Store in One Utama.

Anyway, back to this pair of Morandi Venetian loafers. These are normal loafers with stick on or glues soles that have been with me for a good 12 years or so. The sole has been changed once a few years ago and it still looks good.  The leather uppers are still in great condition with no visible cracks and tears.

It boils down to regular care and maintenance. And shoe rotation. Those that argue that stick on soles for shoes do not last do not have enough pairs of shoes to go around. Okay. I have to admit that I am a bad example as I have many, many pairs of shoes to go around. You may have problems if you only have three pairs.

So there you have it. Casual Fridays allows me to dress down, but not dress badly. And glued shoes? I haven’t any problems with that too


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