Saturday, 28 January 2012

From My Drawer of Sharp Pointy Stuff: The Malaysian Army Victorinox Knife

This is something that has been in my drawer of goodies since 2009.  You can tell from the date in the photo above. It is also pictured with a CWC Royal Navy Diver (unissued) circa 2000 - which is a helluva watch for the price. The Malaysian Army specced Swiss Army Knife made by Victorinox.

The Malaysian Army knife with locking blade (which I think is based on the Outrider model) from the Victorinox Facebook page:

"2008 we finally won the tender for 33,000 units with an option for another 50% of the new Malaysian pocket knife which is based on item 0.9123, appearing in camouflage with the logo of the Malaysian Defence Forces. Alex is already working on the preparations for the next tender. We are further in an advanced stage to supply also the Royal Malaysia Police with a pocket knife based on the new Swiss Soldier knife with bi component handles and camouflage tampoprint.

Anyway, this little piece of work is sitting in my drawer, right beside the German Army knife made by Victorinox too. Although I actually like that model as the main blade can be operated single handed. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Single Speed Bicycle with the Brooks Swift Saddle

I was recently given a gift by a close friend of mine - A single speed bicycle (with a flip-flop fixed gear hub) for me to cycle around. The bicycle is an Exitway Freedom. Exitway is a Malaysian brand that builds (or assembles) bikes with parts imported from Taiwan (or so my research says). It has a cromoly frame (with a shortish wheelbase yet with a relaxed top bar), 700c x 25 slick tyres and aero wheels, drop bar with tektro brakes and it weighs about 11/12kg or so. Not that light, but decent enough for a single speed with a Lasco 42t crank and a 16t cog at the rear.

If my explaination above isn't sufficient please note that I am not a cyclist. I get tired easily as I am a petrohead (or gearhead or motorhead). Heck, I write motoring stuff most of the time! But I love the simplicity of a single speed bicycle and this was actually what I rode when I was in high school many years ago (circa 1986-1988). That bicycle was basically a roadster framed bicycle on 28inch wheels without mudguards and chain cover. It also had a racing bike front fork and stem and no other frills. Those were the days. I could cycle it for miles.

And that is why I have a soft spot for single speed bikes (or fixies as most people call 'em these days regardless whether it has a fixed hub or a freewheel). I like it freewheeling as it is relaxing. Bicycles to me are for recreation these days and a freewheel reminds me of the carefree days where one would just cycle a bit then coast a bit while enjoying the sound of the freewheel going 'tttrrrrr'. Anyway, I am not a fighting fit teenager. So I prefer the simple pleasure of coasting.

Oh yes.One should always personalise a bike. Hence the beautiful Brooks Swift saddle replacing the ridiculously hard Exitway branded saddle that came with it. The original saddle was so hard that even the Brooks saddle seemed soft. I actually replaced the original saddle with a cheap tan coloured one (above) but it didn't look the part - hence the investment in a Brooks. Aside from that I installed Wellgo alloy pedals. These replaced the ugly plastic platform pedals that came with the bikie. The bike is now cro-mo steel, alloy and leather. A classic combination if one may say so. Enjoy the photos folks, and do ignore the slightly messy floor around the bike. I can sometimes be a little sloppy.


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