Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kulitkraf officers shoe - the cheapest Goodyear welted shoes you can buy. But don't.

The pair of shoes pictured herein are undoubtedly the cheapest pair of Goodyear Welted shoes that you can purchase in Malaysia and to some extant, anywhere in the world. They are made by Kulitkraf and are actually official issue shoes for officers in the Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysian Armed Forces too. Somehow, the issued shoes are full brogues in either patent leather for use during full dress functions and these ones that are made out of bookbinder/corrected grain leather. The other ranks (non-officer) get normal cap toe oxfords that use stuck on construction.Why the officers don't get the usual captoes I don't have a clue but if you do frequent the Ministry of Defense located along Jalan Semarak or Bukit Aman (the Police HQ), you'd notice most officers using these issued shoes and the other ranks using basic cap toes.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Have a long shoe horn at home

Any man who has pairs and pairs of shoes, particularly lace ups should have a shoe horn at home, at the office and if possible, in his car or briefcase too. This is to ensure that the shoe's counter (that part that wraps around the back of the foot) isn't stressed of bent out of shape when you slip your foot into the shoe. Keeping this part of the shoe in good nick is important if you want to see years of service from your shoe. I've seen many men destroy pairs of shoes because they simple force their foot and heel into tge shoe. Some shoes may be easy to slip in and out but some, like the more closed up formal balmoral oxfords are harder to just slip into. So a shoe horn comes in handy.

Friday, 20 March 2015

When in need of a good affordable suit..... buy Marks and Spencer

Photo:The Guardian

A few of my friends have actually asked me over the years on what off the peg suit or blazer should they buy when they're on a budget (of usually under RM1,000). I have always recommended Marks and Spencer. This British retailer of clothing and food have been around Malaysia since the late 1990s (with the opening of the Suria KLCC shopping centre) and has been the place for me to go when I buy ready to wear clothing.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Exotic leather shoes - Something to indulge after you have owned the basics

Fratelli Rossetti Crocodile Balmorals (l) and Teju Lizard Derby shoes (r)

What every working man should have are shoes to rotate so that the shoes do not die a premature death. I had suggested that working men have at least two good pair of shoes to rotate every other day. They should then build this up to at least five pairs of dress shoes and about two or three good pair of casual weekday shoes as well as a pair of patent leather oxfords or formal patent leather slippers/pumps for those black tie functions. With this outlay, it is easy to ensure that the shoes you have invested your money will actually last a decade or so with proper maintenance and care.

Monday, 16 March 2015

RTW Blazers in Kuala Lumpur - Massimo Dutti or Sacoor Brothers?

Sacoor Brothers 

Massimo Dutti
Two of the nicer, high street ready to wear stores in and around Kuala Lumpur are by Massimo Dutti and Sacoor Brothers. Both are European in origin, with Massimo Dutti being Spanish (and part of the group which owns ZARA) and Sacoor Brothers from Portugal. Both brands have only been around Malaysia for less than a decade but have made their mark with a lot of people who seek clothes that are more classically styled instead of being following the trends.


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