Monday, 17 April 2017

Accessories - Heirloom monogrammed Cufflinks & Tie Clip

These are unmarked or unknown make stainless steel monogrammed Cufflinks and Tie Clip that once belonged to my father. He was in some ways the person who influenced and taught me about menswear and proper attire. He was the one who brought me to the tailor to get my clothes made. Those days, tailoring wasn't as pricey as they were today. So even as a kid I had the opportunity to wear tailored shirts and trousers back in Taiping, Perak.

These belonged to him. Although I seldom wear shirts with cufflinks these days and that I belong to the school of thought where monograms should not be visibly seen (as we should already know our own initials) , it is always good to know that I have an accessory that is quite personalised. And the fact that these once belonged to my father.

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