Friday, 7 July 2017

Bags: Of Thrifting at the Local Thrift/Bundle Stores & the LL Bean weekend duffle bag I recently bought

Thrifting at the thrift shops or what they call 'Kedai Bundle' here in Malaysia is actually one of the best ways to procure hard to find clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories. Now 'kedai' means shop, and bundle is from the bundles where used clothes are bundled together and then sold at stores like this, giving new life to used items. I have to admit that I occasionally frequent these stores from time to time. It is usually when I am on the look out for something unique or hard to find here in Malaysia. 

Sometimes, simple items like proper jackets or other pieces of clothing could be found at these stores. Most of the items come in containers from the United States or from Japan (a country where small consumer items still move quickly). Not that often for Yours Truly though as I am on the large size and these are harder to find. 

I do not like buying used shoes as the condition of the shoes are usually super worn out and there are rarely nice ones out there - a lot of Doc Marts or some lesser brands but almost never the higher end English or Italian ones. But when it comes to accessories like bags, some of these stores do have nice ones that are worth thrifting.

I recently procured this LL Bean weekend canvas duffle bag from a store which brings stuff in from Japan - a country who loves their American stuff, which is why I found this 'trad' American brand at a such a shop. 

The canvas is still pretty much unmarked as it has all the hardware and leather bits intact. The hardware and the leather also look sturdy and it looks like the bag will last for years. If fact, after a bit of a wipe and some air drying, the bag is pretty much perfect for my needs. I intend to use it as one of my overnight bags for those short trips that I usually do for work.

I have to say that this was RM60 well spent. 

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